How To: Change a Snoot

how to change a snoot on a light fixture

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A snoot is an accessory that can be added to a light fixture used to reduce glare, control the direction of the light, and change the radius of the light beam. Snoots are often used in photography but are also great for architectural lighting techniques. They come in different sizes, shapes, lengths, and colors so that lighting designers can have optimal control over their lighting.

The art of changing a Lumenture snoot is one that can be learned by anyone. Let us show you how we do it over here at Lumenture HQ!

changing a snoot

STEP 1. Remove the Standard Ring

All of our track heads have our innovative accessory holder. The accessory holder has “threading” in the light fixture as well as the snoot or ring that you are attaching to it. This threading allows the ring to screw off very easily.

Just twist the snoot off of the light fixture like you open a jar of honey.

(Lefty-loosey, righty-tighty!)

changing a snoot step 2

STEP 2. Choose Your Replacement Snoot

Get your replacement snoot ready to go if you’re changing a snoot for a new one. At Lumenture, we have a standard tapered snoot and cylinder snoot. 

P.S. If you are adding additional lens accessories, you can use the same method to add and remove a snoot!

Changing a snoot step 3

STEP 3. Change the Snoot

Replace your old snoot with the new snoot by using the same motion as closing a jar (righty-righty!). Make sure that you tighten it all of the way to avoid any light leakage.

STEP 4. Enjoy a Changed Snoot

Enjoy all the benefits that using different snoots has to offer. Contact your local Lumenture sales rep to find out what other accessory options you have when you use our snoots!

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