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recessed lighting from Lumenture

Lumenture’s Recessed Lighting Options

Recessed lighting is used in many installations. It is so popular because of the way the light fixtures blend into the ceiling. When designing recessed lighting options, we asked ourselves “how do we make our fixtures smaller while not taking away from power and brightness? Let’s dive into the recessed lights that we offer at […]

Recessed Lighting_ The Basics

Recessed Lighting: The Basics

Why Retail Stores Are Expanding in 2021

Retail Expansion and Changes in 2022: Why Retail has to Adapt

It’s easy to look at the past few years as a blip in the calendar. With the COVID-19 pandemic, financial stress, isolation, and business failures, there’s no question why we want to put this time behind us. But the past is the past. Business is booming for many retailers in the wake of the pandemic. […]

4 Ways Lighting Can Transform Your Retail Store

Retail Lighting: 4 Ways Lighting Can Transform Your Retail Store

When considering retail lighting, there are many obstacles that come into play. Good or bad, lighting can totally change how your customer not only sees your store but how they feel while they are shopping. Luckily, simple lighting solutions can help transform your retail space. 1. LIGHT YOUR STOREFRONT What a store looks like from […]

Why Supermarkets should invest in lighting

Why Supermarkets Should Invest In LED Lighting

Supermarket lighting has changed drastically. Gone are the days of traditional HID, fluorescent and incandescent lighting. LED lighting has revolutionized the lighting industry and is growing in popularity because of benefits beyond looks. LEDs save energy, reduce maintenance costs, and perform a whole lot better than traditional fluorescents. Here are some of the reasons why […]