b'K-BEAM TMSUSPENDED TRACK SYSTEMUNPARALLELEDSTRENGTH INSTALLATION SAVINGSK-Beams patent-pendingI -Beam channels provideK-Beam eliminates the need for Unistrut & expensive superior strength and stabilizing rods ensure alignment ofproprietary suspended track systems by reducing suspension the system. While standard track requires suspension cablespoints up to two-thirdsresulting in installation savings of every 4-6, K-Beam supports suspension on 8 centers. 35% or more.FIXTURE COMPATIBILITY LIGHTING DESIGN FREEDOMThe K-Beam system is UL Listed and compatible with With its small form factor, K-Beam blends seamlessly into Lumentures award-winning T-Series Track Heads, TWWceilings and comes standard with a two-circuit, one-neutral Track Wallwashers and other J-Type track fixtures. configuration that delivers greater lighting design flexibility.'