Retail Lighting: 4 Ways Lighting Can Transform Your Retail Store

4 Ways Lighting Can Transform Your Retail Store

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When considering retail lighting solutions, there are many obstacles that come into play. Good or bad, lighting can totally change how your customer not only sees your store but how they feel while they are shopping. Luckily, these simple shop lighting ideas can help transform your retail space.


What a store looks like from the outside is equally as important as what it looks like from the inside. Making a great first impression of your brand starts from the inside out, which is why properly lighting your window displays is so important.

Because different products and displays require different lighting, it’s a good idea to choose a flexible lighting solution to help get customers attention. Track lighting is great for window displays because of its easy to install adjustable capabilities. You can angle each individual track head or track wall washer to face a particular part of the display. You can also dim fixtures, creating different moods.

The more lighting options you have, the more vibrant a storefront will become, which makes it appealing to more consumers.


Retail lighting can be used to help make your best products stand out. Placing light sources strategically throughout a store can help draw extra attention to different products, displays, and special promotions.


Use downlights for built-in shelving, glass shelving, and displays as a way to highlight a large number of products.


Attached to a track system, track heads are the most versatile form of retail lighting. Just like in a window display, track heads can be adjusted to work with different products throughout a retail space.

Create an even more unique display with Lumenture’s T-Series Track Heads. Each comes equipped with an infinity adapter for infinite rotation.


Track Wallwashers can capture points of interest along the walls. These are great for promotional posters, accent pieces, gallery displays, and anything else that runs the walls.


Retail lighting

Getting store lighting right can not only make your products look more appealing to consumers, but it can also help define a store’s brand. 

Ensuring that a store properly fits a brand identity begins with how the products are displayed. Lighting product displays can make or break sales. But there are many different lumen levels, color temperatures, and fixtures that can be used to do this.



Lumens are the total amount of light a fixture produces. Lower lumens mean the light fixture is dimmer, while higher lumens produce brighter light. Choosing the right lumen levels that fit in with your brand image enhances your products.

When choosing the right lumen levels, it is important to consider the size of your location. When you have separate areas, mixing different lumen levels can improve a customer’s experience. For instance, a dressing room may require brighter lighting than another area of the store will. Ensuring that your consumers can properly see and evaluate your products is a key to selling them.


Color temperatures vary from different warms to cool color temperatures. When deciding on the right color temperature for a retail store, you should consider:

  • Location
  • Brand
  • Audience
  • Time-of-day most frequented

To give you an idea, a furniture store might choose warmer lights, creating an environment that’s comfortable and inviting. This allows customers to imagine pieces of furniture in their own homes since residential lighting tends to be warmer as well. A grocery store would choose cooler color lights to create a more clean and crisp environment for shoppers.


LED Lighting is practical. But, if you don’t choose wisely, you can end up with clunky light fixtures.

Choose lighting that blends in with your environment so your products have the chance to stand out. There are a few ways you can make sure that your essential lighting fits the location.

  • First, choose a color fixture that matches the ceiling.
  • Find a small but powerful track head that blends in.
  • Customize fixtures to fit your space and brand by adding lenses and accessories.
  • Get your essential lighting into place. Then, start to consider decorative lighting if it fits the concept of your business.


Ultimately, your products are the most important part of your store. Finding a lighting solution that adds to your brand image, highlights your products, and creates an enjoyable environment is a key to a successful store.

Need help finding the right lighting for your commercial building or retail store? Find a Lumenture lighting representative near you, today!

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