Illuminating Art: Mastering Gallery and Museum Lighting with Track Systems

In the realm of art and design, lighting plays a pivotal role. Lighting in museums or art galleries should accentuate the beauty and significance of every piece on display. Lighting designers and professionals understand the nuanced art of illuminating spaces. But, there are challenges that come with it. This blog post aims to delve into […]

Led track lighting roca tiles showroom

10 Reasons to Love LED Lighting Technology

LED lighting technology has changed the way that we look at a lot of things. It has changed the way we perceive our surroundings. Among the vast array of lighting options, LED lighting technology stands out as the most cutting-edge and sophisticated.  Not only does LED lighting offer high performance and efficiency. LED light fixtures also […]

The Future of Lighting: Trends in 2023

In 2023, lighting is taking on an even more significant role in interior design. Stay up-to-date with these latest lighting trends to ensure your space is on-trend and optimized for emotional balance and eco-friendliness.

slat ceiling with track lighting system

3 Reasons to Love a Slat Wood Ceiling

This past summer, we made the move to a new office with a larger warehouse space. We decided to use some of the living office space to create showrooms for our products. For our ‘retail store’ vignette, we decided to experiment with building our very own slat ceiling. What started as a simple idea ended […]