RWW160 – Recessed Wallwashers

Lumenture’s RWW160 is a sleek and straightforward, 2″-wide recessed wallwasher. With a centered pivot point, the RWW can tilt nearly 40 degrees in both directions, making it a versatile and easy-to-adjust fixture.

Form Factor

The RWW160 has a 50mm (2.0″) x 166mm (6.5″) channel opening – and blends effortlessly and discreetly into ceilings.

Finish Options

Comes in black, white, and white with black baffles.
Custom finishes are also available.


Lumenture recessed products utilize a high-efficiency driver that accepts 120- to 277-VAC input and is compatible with triac, ELV and 0- to 10-volt dimming systems.


RWW: Spec Sheet / Instructions / IES


All Lumenture products are designed to the highest standards to exceed 50,000 hours of life (L70) and are covered by a five-year warranty.