Recessed Downlights

Recessed Downlights

Our family of 3 inch and 2 inch downlights incorporate the features of other specification-grade lighting, but have the unique form and attention to designs that is exclusively Lumenture's

Knife-Edge Trim

Our DL60 and DL75 downlight families feature a slim 1.75mm (.07″) trim. This makes Lumenture downlighting blend into each ceiling for a sleek and discreet finish.

recessed downlights

Recessed Lighting

With discreet apertures and excellent visual cutoff, Lumenture downlights seamless and perfect for any environment. We offer round, square, wet, pinhole, and flangeless trims.

downlight trim types


All Lumenture products are designed to the highest standards to exceed 50,000 hours of life (L70) and are covered by a five-year warranty.

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Dimming is standard and allows for smooth, flicker-free illumination below 0.1% with certain dimmers. For full dimmer compatibility, refer to our Fixture Dimming Compatibility document in the downloads of our website.

Standard color temperature

Lumenture downlights offer a wide range of color temperatures to choose from including a dim-to-warm option.

standard color temperature for downlights
color temperature of downlights
downlights triac ELV and dimmer
RM35 recessed multiples CRI

finish and accessories

Our recessed downlights come in three standard colors: Black, White or Silver. Custom color options are available for all trim types. Plus, our colored lenses and louvres make it even easier to customize the product to fit your space.

downlights trim colors

Lenses and Louvres
downlights accessories

Downlight Downloads


1.5″ fixed downlight


2″ fixed downlight


2″ adjustable downlight


3″ fixed downlight


3″ adjustable downlight


3″ fixed downlight


3″ adjustable downlight


3″ wall washer downlight